Resources for Seniors During COVID-19

Resources for Seniors During COVID-19

Amie Clark, Senior Editor and Co-founder of and Chris Tepe, V.P. of Operations for ComfortKeepers talk about resources for seniors who are sheltering at home during COVID-19. Chris and Amie discuss new ideas for entertainment, meals and food delivery and resources for seniors in need. Lastly, how home care companies are going above and beyond to help seniors.

Time Stamps

1:20 Entertainment and Socialization for Older Adults Staying at Home
5:47 Exploring Family History Through Storytelling and Recording it to Preserve for Generations
8:13 Meal and Food Delivery Services for Seniors
12:30 Older Adults Are Embracing New Technology
15:20 Home Care Companies Are Able to Help Those in Need
16:00 Home Care Provides a Variety of Services (Not Just Personal Care)
19:29 Resources and Programs to Help Seniors During COVID-19
21:28 Medicare Advantage Programs May Cover Home Care
23:11 Contact Your Area Agency on Aging for Local Resources
24:58 How to Qualify for Home Care with Medicare Advantage
26:10 Closing Thoughts – A Message of Hope
26:40 National Day of Joy – June 24

Chris suggests some new ideas for staying busy like creating indoor herb gardens and sharing recipes. As many older adults were involved in volunteering prior to COVID-19, Chris suggests looking for new ways to help others from a safe distance.

Ensuring that older adults are properly introduced to technology and platforms to communicate with loved ones is more important than ever. Looking for topic ideas during online calls with seniors? Have older relatives narrate stories and parts of their lives that you haven’t spent much time on before. Having this time allows us to dig deeper and encourages more lengthy conversations about family history and stories.

How do we get out of the house without leaving the house? Using online tools like Google Maps (street view) enables seniors to explore the world (share your screen on a Zoom call for example).

Chris talks about food delivery and how the restaurant industry has pivoted to serving to-go orders. For people who are unable to leave their homes to pick up meals, Chris suggests calling restaurants to inquire about delivery as many are willing to accommodate customers (especially older adults) with new delivery options. Almost every major grocery chain is offering to-your-doorstep delivery. Utilizing these options ensures that older adults receive proper nutrition without having to leave home.

Local resources can be sought out for people who are needing additional help. For help in your community, contact your local Area Agency on Aging. Chris also suggests calling local home care agencies as they are a great resource and will be able to make connections and recommendations for older adults needing assistance.

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